Tears of Hope


Aimmee is giving 100% of the profits from each “Tears of Hope” book, E-book or audio book sold through this website or from any of her speaking events to her mission of building a Global online NON-political, NON-religious community that will have local chapters called Empowering Souls International Community, “Helping Humanity See Light Through Darkness!

If you would like to learn more about this great community, please click on the Community button above for details.

Tears of Hope is the riveting true life story of Aimmee Kodachian, a young Middle Eastern Christian girl, who lived 13 years through the Lebanese Civil War where she escaped death 3 times and lost many close family members. Aimmee not only found a way to Rise Above many challenges, she also learned how to see Light through darkness.

In this book, Aimmee shares her extraordinary story filled with wisdom and powerful insights. When youfinish reading this book, you will start to see your life in a different perspective and walk away Inspired, Empowered and Encouraged to take action towards a better life!

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