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“If Aimmee doesn’t move you, you better check your pulse”

~ Dr. Sally St. John

Aimmee Kodachian is the Author of “Tears of Hope,” Transformational Keynote Speaker

Are you looking for a powerful speaker who speaks from her own life experience on how to transform obstacles into opportunities and become an effective leader?

If your answer is yes…. Then Aimmee Kodachian is the right speaker for you!

Aimmee is the Author of “Tears of Hope,” her inspiring true life story of overcoming enormous obstacles and many challenges. Today, Aimmee is sharing the Steps she took that helped her to Transform her life from having no hope or opportunities, severe dyslexia and having only a Fourth Grade Education to becoming the creator, producer/director of three dynamic online TV shows at, an Ambassador For Peace, a Special Liason for the Women’s Federation for World Peace, a transformational keynote speaker, a seminar/webinar presenter, a host and the founder of AK Experts Productions, LLC.

When Aimmee steps on your stage, she makes sure to connect with each person. She inspires and helps them to open their heart and minds and view their life from a Different Perspective. She leaves them with powerful steps that will help them to get in touch with their intuition so they can transform their obstacles into opportunities in their Business and Personal Life. Aimmee customizes her speech to match your theme. Aimmee also speaks on Leadership, Sales, Motivational and Inspirational topics. Your audience will walk away Inspired, Empowered and Encouraged to take action towards a Better Life.

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