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Aimmee is the creator, producer/director of three dynamic online TV shows at AKTVShows.com, a transformational keynote speaker, a seminar/webinar presenter, a host and the founder of AK Experts Productions LLC, and a Special Liason for the Women’s Federation for World Peace. She is also the author of her biography, “Tears of Hope,” her true life story of a Middle Eastern Christian girl, growing up in the 1975 Lebanese Civil War. Aimmee was nominated by the Women’s Federation for World peace to be appointed as an Ambassador For Peace. Aimmee received the honor from UPF in 2017.

Aimmee lived 13 years through the Lebanese Civil War. She was only 12 years old when a bomb killed her older brother right in front of her. In the blink of an eye, her family would soon lose everything and become homeless.

Aimmee was faced with enormous obstacles and many challenges. Due to her severe dyslexia and the war, she was forced to leave school at the 4th grade, lost her dream of becoming a teacher and was left with no opportunities or hope. Aimmee was persuaded into marriage. The ceremony took place only three days after her 14th birthday. At 15, she became a mother. When she was still a teenager, she became a single mom and was left with no education, skills or money. It was up to her to figure out how to feed her daughter while dealing with the War and the culture’s belief system. Her daughter became her “WHY” and that kept her going day after day, despite the tragic loss of many family members.

After narrowly escaping death three times, Aimmee was determined to make a better life for her and her daughter.

In 1988, Aimmee took the opportunity to come to the United States and start a new life. Soon after her arrival, she was told to go back to her country because “You are not going to make it here.” In her heart, she knew she had her “WHY” and her faith in God kept her going day after day.

After years of persistence and determination, Aimmee found the Missing piece of her puzzle that was holding her back from Moving Forward and living her purpose. Soon after, Aimmee became a business woman. She did not become a teacher; instead, she became a Powerful Inspirational and Transformational Speaker. Despite having only a fourth grade education, she challenged herself and wrote a book about her riveting true life story which is filled with life lessons, insights and wisdom.

Aimmee understands what it means to live in the darkness with no Hope, Opportunities, or Direction. Deep in her soul, she believed that her life had been saved for a reason.

Today, Aimmee is not only helping people find the Missing piece of their puzzle, she is also working on making a Difference in the world. She takes her title of an Ambassador for Peace very seriously as she reaches out and helps people through her book, speaking, seminars, webinars, academy and her TV show.

Tears of Hope


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